Since the late 1990s, it has been impossible for scholars of sex work not to engage with the global sex panic around trafficking. Trafficking was (and continues to be) associated solely with trafficking for sex work and with sex work itself. While I was initially interested in the sexual politics of anti-trafficking discourse, I have since written on the transnational legal order that has emerged around trafficking, and have proposed a development approach to trafficking that elaborates on how countries of the Global South understand SDG8.7 devoted to the elimination of trafficking.

I have for the past few years written about anti-trafficking law and policy in the UK and India. More details on my public engagement and advocacy work is shown here.

Revisiting the Law and Governance of Trafficking, Forced Labor and Modern Slavery. 

Cambridge University Press, Law and Society Series (2017).


Journal Articles


Oishik Sircar (2019) The happy and anxious lives of (feminist) legal scholarship: an interview with Prabha Kotiswaran. Jindal Global Law Review10, 303–320.


Current Legal Problems Lecture, UCL Faculty of Law, 2018
From Sex Panic to Extreme Exploitation: Prospects for a Gendered Approach to Trafficking”. Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Cologne. 2016

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